Friday, October 10, 2014

Chicnova for Plus Size Fashions?

I had been checking out Chicnova - Women's Street Fashion Store for a while. They do not have a Plus Size department, if you go to Clothing there you can shop from there by size, up to 5XL or 42 Euro size, which by their size chart is 12 US.
Each item tends to have a size breakdown, often in inches as well as centimeters. I have been using this centimeters to inches conversion tool while browsing some of their styles.

Like all stores, they have sales and now they have some discounts available as well!

They have a wealth of cool accessories we can Get 31% off fashion bag or jewelry, enter ACC1008 at checkout, which start at $5.

Here are some styles I like that are already on sale, or nicely priced even full, in sizes up to XXXL at Chicnova

Cool Tops and Booties

If you though your strapless bras had most of the fall and winter off, check out these tops! This is just a picture of their $10.50 Boat Neck Off the Shoulder Top, which comes in sizes up to 3XL, (bust 37 inches).

This top was $15 full price!

Their PU Leather Split Joint Rose Lace Crop Top is still $18 full price and available in sizes up to 3XL, which in this top’s description measures 38.58 inches.

This bold graphic T is also available in sizes up to 3XL,which for that one measures 44.88 inches. It was $19 and is on sale for $13.30!

So you see how you can save, if you like the styles there, it is just worth it to check each item’s measurements given.
Nice of Chicnova to measure each size too!

I am partial to these faux leather high heeled booties, to the point that, if they were mine, I’d wear them wherever I am not driving!

These are on sale for $69.75, down from $93 These are available in Euro sizes 34 to 40 which equals 4.5 to 9.5 in US women’s sizes. That info is right in their footwear’s descriptions!

This is just a picture of these booties, which we can find under Accessories at Chicnova!

Example, Five 3XL Dresses We Get for Less

With this Chicnova $22 off, Dresses without discount over $66, enter dress1010 at checkout discount link, sorting by size to check out 3XL, I found 5 dresses, 4 of which, ($21 to $42, nice without the discount!), are already on sale!
The 5th one is a modest, lace swing dress for $118, which you could apply this discount to.
They likely have more to choose from in other sizes as well.

I am partial to this backless dress available in 5 colors, in size 3XL for $20.80! See what I mean about some of their prices? This is just a picture of this dress.

If you click on How to Measure, at each item’s description, you can view their size comparison chart. I still find this centimeters to inches conversion tool helps.
I like there styles and prices and they have a good return policy and apparently frequent buyers discount of a sorts as well!

Well, what do you think of their fashions and accessories?


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