Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Curvy Kate’s Seamless J Cup Full Figure Bras

While there are more and more seamless, T-shirt bras in cup sizes up to H, finding seamless larger cup size bras is still hard. I am finding two, and one of them looks like it will be here for a while at Figleaves, (who has it at the best, (full), prices in five regular colors. They also have this special hot pink version below.

Curvy Kate’s Smoothie Balcony Bras at Figleaves

Both this special version and two of the regular versions of these bras cost $47 at Figleaves and come in, what is left of apparently, the 28 and 30D to J and 32 to 38D to H size range.

Curvy Kate will donate one British Pound to the Breast Cancer Awareness Charity for each of these Coppafeel print bras sold!
 Coppafeel! Moulded Smoothie Bra 

This is their regular version of these bras. The $47 colors at Figleaves are the Wild Black and Wild Blush, (pictured below), colors. The Raspberry color is less but in extremely limited sizes and the normal black and blush colors are $66

 Smoothie Balcony Bra 
You can use this Curvy Kate Smoothie Bras icon link to find them at Her Room. They are discontinuing these bras, but have them in three colors in a good size selection, at $68, full price.

Both Her Room and Figleaves have matching shortie briefs to go with these bras

You can click on this bra’s picture below to find them in sizes 32 to 38D, DD, E and H, in three colors at Bare Necessities. They are on sale there for $46 to $47, currently with an extra 20% Off code available on their page there.

Bare Necessities has the matching bikini briefs in this Curvy Kate collection.

Bigger Bras’ Bra Cup Comparison Chart, (group 3 on their page), shows us the Curvy Kate’s bra cup sizing is on a par with Elomi, Fantasie, Faye Form, Cleo, Sculptresse and other fine intimate maker’s bra cup sizes!

Hopefully we will see more, and larger, cup sized bras with true seamless cups in the future.

I will keep looking and post what I find here.



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