Thursday, July 17, 2014

20% to 40% Off E.L.F. Eye Makeup that Beats the Heat

& Humidity 

New Jersey had some very humid days last and this week, which is normal. Also normal is me sweating oceans! During most of this I was wearing their Eyebrow Treat & Tame I posted about last week and their Essential Flawless Eye shadow pallet colors, I picked up at Target, for $2, I think last year and have been using ever since! The Curvy Fashionista also has some great tips for beating the heat here!

Currently we can enjoy their so affordable makeup and beauty products for up to 40% off using this Take 40% off on orders $35+. This offer is valid until 7/18 with coupon code BDAY40. Shop Now! code.

After that, we can use their Get 30% off on orders $30+ and 20% off on orders $20+ at! This offer is valid through Monday, July 21st with coupon code BDAY30 for $30+ or code BDAY20 for $20+. Shop Now! tiered discount!

The Three Beat the Humidity Eye Makeups

As I mentioned above E.L.F.’s Eyebrow Treat & Tame, in Ash, with additional color from their Studio Eyebrow Kit, (which I also got at Target late last year), for a more evening into night look. Both are just $3 each.

Plus their $2 four colors, comes in 7 different pallet choices, Essential Flawless Eye shadow below! This is the one I use, because it is good for both day and night!
 e.l.f. Essential Flawless Eyeshadow

Beats Heat & Humidity SPF 15 BB Cream

I have been using Garnier’s Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Anti-Aging in light / medium.

Considering how much I sweat, and this is largely by face, neck and Décolletage Sweating it works well and a little goes a long way!

Trying adn failing to make a direct lint to this BB cream at Garnier's own site I found this! Currently $10 at Amazon! I got mine for $12 + at CVS, so this is a pleasant discovery!

To me this, seems, a little dark in color when I put it on. However my much more appearance conscious 14 year old has said Not A Thing! So it is likely good.

I do not like the heavy feel of:
  • Makeup 
  • or tinted moisturizers 
  •  on my face 
The fact that I have actually used this, for several days, two times a day, in the extreme mid-day heat and humidity we had says a lot to me!

Also worth considering: The worst, in recent week’s: heat & humidity in my car in the middle of the day.
Sadly, middle of the day car trips of late cannot be avoided…

I rarely use the air conditioner because one thing my old car and I have in common is:
Repairs as needed, little maintenance…
& we are both feeling it!
I do fit in oil changes for the car, and try to fit in exercise for me, which has been shabby of late.

The poor car has not had a tune up in over 5 years.
Yeah, when someone like me can afford makeup by anyone, it means something!

The upshot of this BB cream with its only SPF 15 protection is that even out in the middle of the day, I did not get so much as pink!

Pros and Cons: Shopping E.L.F. Target vs Online

Online has the better selection and discounts
  • If they have what you want
  • Especially if you happen to be there anyway
  • Is a great place to try or pick up just one thing
  • provided they have it and in your shade. 
Either way E.L.F. make up is excellent to use and light on the check book!



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