Wednesday, May 07, 2014

$10 - $15 Off E.L.F. Makeup, Nail and Beauty Products

If you want quality makeup and beauty products starting at $1, you should try E.L.F.! I did and I am not going back to pricier products!

Now they have this Get $10 off orders of $30 or more with coupon code MOM10 or get $15 off orders of $40 or more with coupon code MOM15 at This offer is valid until Saturday, 5/10. Shop now! discount we can take advantage of!

They have makeup, beauty and nail products! Many of their new stuff I recently wrote about that was largely out of stock is back in! E.L.F.’s Essential Smudge Pots appear to be available in all of their 9 colors.

You can use these as Eyeliner & / or Eyeshadow! Made to enrich and hydrate your eyes delicate skin, they are $2.00 each! e.l.f. Essential Smudge Pot Just one of their already highly rated new makeup, nail, (their Essential Quick Dry Top Coat for nails, $2.00, is another one!) and beauty products that have returned to stock recently!



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