Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Panache up to K Cup Bra Styles for Less

I find that HH to K cup size bras are far too pricey. Yet if this is what you, like I, need, we pretty much have to look harder for deals, also where the price is consistently nicer helps too. 

Recently I found a few styles by Panache for less at Bigger Bras, and even less at Bravissimo.

Panache’s Rumeur 30 to 40DD to K Bras

First, a rather limited in K, less so in J and much better in HH cups sizes at, but for under $50 beautiful Panache bra! If you use this Panache Rumeur bras New with Tags, in some sizes 30 to 38HH to K link you will find these for $48.36 at Buy it Now, Not Bid, prices at an eBay store!

Or you could click on its picture to find it, full price $62, in the 30 to 40DD to K size range at Bare Necessities…

The eBay link also currently has these in the 30 to 40 in the DD to GG size ranges, except H, which is sold out, using the same link!

Cheaper at Bigger Bras up to K Cup Bras

You can use this Panache Elsa, 6691, balconette bra icon at Her Room link to find it in more colors, for $62 at Her Room.
If you want it in black or nude, (called Vintage), for $55.80 you can use More link below this beautiful bra style’s info to view it at Bigger Bras.
Both stores have these bras in the 30 to 38D to K size range!
Panache Elsa Balconnet Bra 6691
Underwire, Balconnet Bra, Three Section Cup, Leotard Back, Adjustable Straps [More]
Price: 62.00
Sale: 55.80

Bigger Bras has other Panache bra styles we can find at Bare Necessities and Her Room on sale already.
However, they are slightly more than we can find them at Bravissimo!

K cup Panache Bras at Bravissimo

Bravissimo has their own bras that cup up to 40L, (today their Alana bras are $47.14!). For the price is nicer K cup size bras, their brand is worth checking out!

That said, back to the price differences between the Panache styles of this ilk they currently have!

Bare Necessities has Panache’s Envy bras for $65,
Bigger Bras for $58.50

and you can click on this bra’s picture below to find it with the most, (4 star average), reviews for $53.87! All three of these stores have these bras in the 30 to 38D to K size range!

Panache’s Rapsody bras, below, are available in the 28 to 42DD to K size range for $62 at Bare Necessities. Her Room has them in the 28 to 40D to K, 42D to J and 44DD to FF size range for the same price.

Owing to the price being better, $48.82 at Bravissimo, when you click on its picture below, you will find it, today, in sizes 28E to H, 30DD to JJ and still in stock in all sizes 32 to 40DD to K.

If you need bras in cup sizes smaller than K, (such as DD to HH or J), you will likely find more of them, for less than many other stores, at Bravissimo.

This is just a brief look at some of the Panache up to K cup bras available for less there.
Different colors Different stores Panache K cup Bras
While Her Room, and if you click on this bra’s picture below, this is where you will end up, has Panache’s Floris balconette bras in the 30 to 38D to K size range in this new purple floral for $62.
Bravissimo does not have this color versions yet. Bravissimo does have these bras in most sizes, (some are out of stock), in this print below, for $50.51
I believe this is an older print, because Her Room does have this one above as a sale style, for $49.95, but without going through each size there,
I cannot tell you what sizes this sale color is available in at the moment…

Panache’s Jasmine bras have 40 reviews, (4.5 star average), so far at Bravissimo below. They are $48.82 and available in the 30 to 38E to K size range in this new print and in limited sizes in a solid wine color version!
Click on the animal print of this bra style to find it in the same sizes at Her Room for $62. icon icon 
Bare Necessities also has this bra style, in both prints above, as well as a solid champagne pink color, for $62, but only in the 30 to 38D to J size range.

It does have a 4.6 star average out of 15 reviews there, and a comparable rating at Her Room.

I will continue my quest to find HH to K cup bras for less, because I wear them too.

Figleaves is also an excellent place to find large cup bras, quite often for less than Bare Necessities and Her Room.

More later!


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