Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Full Figure Chantelle Bras on Sale at Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities is having a Semi-annual bra sale which includes five Chantelle Bras that they place in both their plus size and DD+. Naturally you will find plenty of other bras by other great brands at this Bras Up to 50% Off at, and actually much more than bras too!

Chantelle’s Mouvance Demi Bras

These bras are in just the DD+ category but I felt they are special and have an excellent review from one woman who calls herself Curvy! These bras are on sale in this blue, for $56.99, but down to sizes 32 and 36B, D, E and F
 Apparently the new color in this bra style is black, which is full price, $83, and available in the 32 to 38B to G size range.

I hope to have a chance to look more closely at the above mentioned five Chantelle bras that fall into both categories…

Enjoy this sale while they have the most sizes.
Some of the select sale styles are just on sale in one color,
others are simply on sale!
This sale ends on 6/9/14.


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