Tuesday, March 04, 2014

E.L.F.’s Mardi Gras Party Pack Free

Currently E.L.F. will give us a their Mardi Gras Party makeup kit, (eye shadows, Studio eye lashes, glitter nail polish and more, a $21 value, Free with orders of $25+ and their code PARTY! We can enjoy plenty of E.L.F. makeup for $25!

$20 Limited Edition 56 piece Makeup Artist Kit

E.L.F.’s Makeup Artist 56 piece was $30, but is now on sale for $20! My daughter says “the eye makeup feels good on skin and is easy to apply” and says the rest of it is great too! Collections 56 Piece Makeup Artist Collection If you click on this makeup collection’s picture above you will go to it at E.L.F..
Once there, if you click on the word “more” in the Detail tab below its picture there,
You will find the whole listing of all 56 items in this wonderful collection!

Outside of my daughter’s really brief verbal to me review, (she is 14, is more appearance conscious than I, and uses all of it! She also paid for it with her own allowance! She feels it is worth it!),
this 56 piece makeup set has only four other reviews, at E.L.F.. All Excellent!

E.L.F.’s Current Offer

Not only that, but with their current offer:
Good until 3/10/14, 

And they actually have e.l.f. Eyes. All Eye Makeup Just $1!
You can, if you purchased this, $20 piece makeup palette above, (for instance),

Or take your time and choose exactly what YOU are interested in, and you can get quite a lot for $25 at E.L.F., (sorry, seems I can not stop pointing this out)...

For the just a $5 more, and; you can actually get makeup for $1 at E.L.F.,

So you can get
  • a bit more makeup
  • skin care such as facial cleansers, (often $3 ), 
  • nail polish, (starting at $2, and plenty of $2 nail polishes to choose from) 
You get the idea.
For $5 more you can enjoy the Free Mardi Gras kit too.
Just be sure to use the code, and before 3/10/14


We do!


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