Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fuller Figure Long Line Bras: Curvy Kate, Elomi, Affinitas

Remember when all those beautiful Freya long line bras came out, in band sizes up to 38 and cup sizes up to G?
Now, for us somewhat larger women, Curvy Kate’s got us covered up to 38J. Elomi up to 40H and Affinitas has one in sizes up to 40G

Curvy Kate’s Carmen Bras: Best Sizes + Price

If you click on this picture of this new long line bra, you will find it in the 32 – 38D to J size range for $85 at Bare Necessities. Read on for who has this style for $55.  

If you click on it pictured below with its matching thong, you will find it in most sizes 28 – 38D to J at Figleaves for $55!
 Carmen Padded Balcony Bra 
Naturally sizes are leaving stock fast…

FYI: When it comes to full figure bras and many other things, check Figleaves 1st because they often have much better prices. I think this: For $30 Less example says it all!

Elomi Megan Full Figure Bras

If you click on this picture of Elomi’s Megan 3-part cup long line Megan Bra you will find it for just $62 in sizes 36 to 40E to H! at Bare Necessities!  
I am kind of thinking that perhaps these are a tad less pricey than the Curvy Kate style due to: possibly, they are trying them in a smaller size range, & so less pricy to produce?
Just a guess.

Parfait by Affinitas’ Danielle Long Line Bras

If you need larger band sizes, Click on this pretty long line bra, also available in a imperial purple, in sizes 30 to 40D to G at Her Room for $56!


These are by Parfait by Affinitas and they have 2 great reviews, from women who wear sizes 30E and 30D, so far.

Do you like pretty long line bra styles?

Just curious if it is just me?
Am I among the few
or many
somewhat fuller, (larger in band or cup sized)
figured women
who were waiting for pretty long line bras in sizes beyond what Freya was making.


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