Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Roamans’ New Prints of tunics, blouses and current Discount

I love the Roamans’ cotton blouses I got last summer, 4 different colors of a print in one plus size blouse style. They will do me well next summer, but I am planning to try more, and mix it up a bit!

Roamans’ highly rated, unique, 100% cotton gauze tunics below are on sale in its three new prints as well as its remaining prints for $30!

I like all three new prints but this is my favorite…With over 630 reviews with a 4.5 star average, and Roamans’ 30% off Highest Priced Item with code RD31065, it’s easy to find a way to try this tunic finally!

I like the fact that these are gauze, as in, if there is a breeze, it will come through to cool me off!

Sadly, Roamans’ crinkle peasant shirts are only on sale in their, (Vertical!), stripe prints, for $16, if this black rose floral below as just $15. that would be my second item to use with Roamans’ discount.

These romantic button downs come in 4 floral and 2 vertical stripe prints, the floral prints are on sale for $40. These tops have a four star average out of 101 reviews, and the general rule, per the reviews is order a size, at least, smaller & / or wear a top underneath.
I love the different neckline, and especially the longish, yet out of the way and rather forgiving, sleeves!

Suffice to say I really like Roamans print blouses, and they have nice solid ones too.

Roamans animal print tunic below is on sale, for $30 off in its red and grey colors, $20 in its brown print and comes in sizes 12W to 32W!

I have been eying up the Angelina tunics, The Gauze cotton style at the top of this post, since last summer. Some women who review them have more than one and one woman makes a point of having them in all their prints. To me this is the best praise a style can have.

  • I checked out Roamans’ Clearance
  • Where I found the leaving stock prints for $18 to $20!
  • I am going to use the above link and discount to get
  • The new print I like best on sale for $30 to $40 with an additional 30% off discount
  • and an older print I wanted on sale for $18 to $20!
Now maybe I can get myself to exercise like I am suppose to do, rather than browse and shop for the warm weather in a time like January!

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