Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Luxury Version of Popular Panache Full Figure Bras

Panache’s Super Tango II Bras were the 2009 Undies Awards Winner for Best Overall Full Figure Bras! They come in sizes 28 - 40K, 42D-J and 44DD-FF in standard and fashions colors. They offer great support, are excellent as large cup size bras. The only problem is their fabric is a bit rigid, a tad harsh.

Now they have this Luxury Satin Version of Panche’s Super Tango II Bras!

Use this Panache Tango II Lux Bras link to go to Bravissimo. You will find these beautiful bras for just $41.34 in sizes 28 to 40DD to K!

To find them in their more usual price, so far, $59, in sizes 28 to 40D to K, 42D to J and 44DD to FF, click on this picture below to go to Her Room.

You will also find these bras in New Arrivals at Bare Necessities, for the same price, in slightly less sizes…

An obvious problem for some petite women in this new style

Looking at the back view of this style at Her Room, and this is just a picture

You can see how the slide adjustment goes down toward the bra band, rather than toward your shoulders.

Now if you look at the back picture of the standard Super Tango II here
You can see the adjustment slide goes toward our shoulders.

This is exactly the problem I, all of 5 foot 1.5 inches, had a problem with the Super Tango II Bra I first received. I think it is great that this has changed, in most bras in fact.

Hopefully, this will change with the Super Tango Luxe, because I would love to try this bra!

Bravissimo tells us that this is a 10th anniversary issue of this bra style!

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