Thursday, January 19, 2012

Excellent Urban Fashion Savings

In recent years, I have not much enjoyed many fall and winter urban fashion styles. Too many horizontal stripes. This year has had some great exceptions, and now many are on sale!

I want to star out by saying Dereon is having an Extra 25% Off all sale styles, and a 25% off Any One Style of Your Choice deal. So these wonderful Ts below, (just an example), are already down to $7.46, this week. If you choose, you can get yours at $5.60!

I had better because it appears my daughter will be making off with mine soon! These Ts are still available in purple in size 1X and bright white and Cherry in sizes 1X and 2X. Also, unlike some Ts, (my Gap Ts for instance), these have no nasty plastic sewn in to their shoulder seams!
This T shirt is my first Dereon purchase and I am thrilled, and so is my daughter…
Dereon has 2 new styles, this evening, in their Curvelicious section. Hey, it is a start!

They also have 2 pages of Perfect Price Styles starting at $24.99! These styles include graphic Ts, dresses, hoodies, Bermuda shorts. These are a pretty even mix women’s and full figure.

Baby Phat, whose plus size skinny jeans I love and pretty much live in, has 4 pages of 75% Off original priced items, in their Full Figure Section!!

Click on these unique Henna wash, named 'Sinner Wash Signature Skinny Jeans' to go straight to that section!
Check these jeans out in their full picture. In this deal they are just $26 and available in all sizes 14 to 26!
And hands off size 14 until I get mine! Just kidding, sort of…
You will also find a myriad of tops, blouses, dresses, for like $16, outerwear, Bermuda shorts, leggings, other jeans.

At the same time, Baby Phat has new full figure Skinny Jeans, they had me worried lately, so few recently, as well as many new dresses, crop pants, sweaters and a few halter-tops in!

The reason I CAN live, when it is under 70 degrees, in Baby Phat skinny plus size jeans is I get them either on sale, or on sale at a discount.

They are real comfy and look great!
Now is our chance to get them cheap!
I just wish they would give us a break on their super fast shipping….

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  1. Wow this is truly a great choice to buy clothing on sales. I have also been looking for some other items and this is one of the best. The price they offer is worth it! I would love to purchase t shirt like that too.