Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Urban Fashions for Full Figure Women with Inverted Triangle Shapes

Earlier this year PCO-S commented, on a Baby Phat sale I posted about the trouble of being a full figure woman, with a small rump.
Since then I, who have the same problem, have been trying to get around to consolidating my experiences with urban fashions and my inverted triangle figure.

While I spend plenty of time in this new article on tops and dresses, one of the main problems with this shape is, as PCO-S pointed out, is that plus size jeans tend to be too big.

Not so with Baby Phat Plus Size Jeans! I go into more detail about them and my testing their average size women’s leggings in my Urban Fashions for Inverted Triangle Shape Full Figure Women article.

I find I have to wear Baby Phat plus size jeans several times without washing, before they slowly become loose, front and back.
Now I have tried their women’s size 13 in their slim skinny jeggings, and find even though my waist is many inches than their size chart says a women’s size 13 is, they fit! With easy, and like their plus size jeans, not baggy.
Checking in a PCO-S’ blog, I wish fashion was all she had to be concerned about…
I hope things get better for her soon.

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