Sunday, March 13, 2011

Get an Extra 10% Off Shape fx, Plus, a little sizing info about Shape fx

Bare Necessities’ moving sale has Shape fx control apparel on sale, and 6 of the 31 Shape fx styles, (mostly dresses), are in plus sizes 1X to 3X and 16W to 24W. This might not matter too much, as I have recently found out, and will explain further on, Shape fx shapewear is very generously cut!
Their plus sizes shapewear at Bare Necessities sale in start at 25% off and run to 45% Off!

If you use Bare Necessities’ 10% off banner to your right you will probably get an additional 10% Off, as Shape fx styles are not excluded!

On top of that, their styles are so generously cut that, using their size charts; you could end ordering from the smaller, less expensive size range! In this handy, (tummy control, and hourglass shaping), sheath dress below, that is a $15 savings right there!

Clicking on this dress above will take you to it in:
bust, waist, hips in inches
Average sizes;
6 to 18
10 = 36.5, 28.5, 38.5
18 = 43, 35, 45

Their plus sizes for this dress range;
16W to 24W
16W = 44. 38, 46
24W = 53, 46, 54
These, and other Shape fx dresses, are on sale in both size ranges!

Here is why I say they shaping apparel is very generously cut.
I ordered these leggings in a size 1X.

Shape fx sizing for these leggings;
1X = 14W to 16W = 43 – 44, 36 – 38, 44 – 46
The shape I’m in, bust is moot here, 36- 37 waist, 41 hips and a 42 inch gut, (if only there was an official gut measurement…)
These same leggings in average size per size charts
Extra Large = 18 = 43, 35, 45

Owing to my waist and gut measurement, I went with the plus size 1X, for the 36 inch waist, and to allow for my 42 inch gut.
However, I was afraid to go for the 35-inch waist of the average size Extra Large.

I got them in size 1X, (36 – 38 inch waist)
Tried them on
  • A generous 3 inch waist band
  • If I put my legs at a normal together, and took a step, they slid down my legs, in my first step.
  • Between the generous sizing, and the 3 inch waist band, not a chance of muffin top!

I will have to exchange them for an average large.

Didn’t I know the hips would be, perhaps, depending on how much stretch was involved, floating on me? It being shapewear, figured it would at least, perhaps skim my hip, if not actually hug them.
Having an inverted triangle shape I know I would be many sizes smaller to actually get a fit there. in Shape fx sizes for example, my hips are an average large size.

So if you have to compensate for gut size, still go down when ordering Shape fx, their leggings anyway.

Also of note, regarding these leggings;
I was hoping for a shaping, yet light, as in the wind would go through them, leggings to wear with spring and summer tunics and dresses.

These leggings are made of a heavy material. It has a good amount of rigidity. To wear as I had planned, they would be perfect for early to mid spring and fall!

Unlike my Lytess legging, these Shape fx legging are opaque.

The Lytess leggings are excluded from Bare Necessities 10% off banner offer to your right.
They are not in the moving sale either…
Today, checking my Lytess at eBay stores link a bit more than half way down in the right column here, they do not have very good eBay store prices either.

However, looking around, Bare Necessities does have the average price on them I am finding today, when you allow for shipping at other places $70, but with Free Shipping. Other places, eBay stores, One Stop Plus, after the discount, with the shipping, still comes out to about $70

Lytess seems to have a variety of legging styles. I think these are the same as mine. If they are, they would be perfect for summer, yet not really shaping, skin conditioning and extra comfy, but sadly pricey…

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