Friday, December 10, 2010

Igigi Dress Style of the Day, running out fast Kiyonna and Ending Today Baby Phat

Igigi is giving an extremely deep discount on one style, each day, until 12/24. Today’s is their teal Claire de Lune wrap dress below. Currently it is still available in all sizes 12 to 32 and has 2 five star ratings!
This is just a picture of the dress.

To go directly to it at Igigi,

Click on this banner,

and then select Style of the Day on the lower left side of their page.

Igigi is also giving us Free Shipping, until 12/25/10
Check out their, now with deeper discounts, sale section for more Igigi style savings!
Plus size sale

Running out at Kiyonna!

In my post yesterday about Kiyonna’s $20 separates and $40 dresses, until 12/13…

I will be surprised if what is left lasts that long! Hopefully they will add more styles..?
Gone already, on the second day of this sale, are the Jet Setter Bellini and Georgia Sweet tops I mentioned…I think there is something else missing, but it is not like I counted them yesterday.

If you are planning to take advantage of this sale, do it soon at From 12/9 - 12/13/10 $20 Separates/$40 Dresses available at! All sales are final.

Baby Phat’s BOGO at half price, jeans and t shirts, ends today at 5pm est. You can find a link straight to these styles at the top of our urban fashion page.

However, they just started a new up to 25% Off many of their unique and trendy plus size dresses and jumpsuits!
Click on this Candy colored, (It comes in black too, but you can see the details better in pink.), jewelry back dress to go to the, over 3 pages, of these discounted dresses!
The back of this dress has a several strands of necklace like chain draped from one shoulder to the other, with several inches of ends hanging down. Just check out the zoom / more views at the bottom left of its picture if you get a chance! It is very nicely done!

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