Tuesday, December 14, 2010

20% Off Outstanding Full Figure Bras at Her Room

Until 12/16/10, you will find Fantasie, Elomi, Freya and Goddess bras at 20% off at Her Room!

While today you can get these beautiful, side support Karina bras by Fantasie, in sizes 32 to40DD to HH, as well as other bras and intimates at 25% off at Bare Necessities, (See the top of our, mostly, full figure bras
page for details). Or with something else at 40% off at My Shape, (Details at the top of our home page at plus-size-womens-clothing.net).
You will still find these highly rated
Fantasie’s Karina large cup size and full figure bras for just $48 at Her Room!
These bras come in sizes 32 to 40DD to HH!

I am going to try them because I love the Elomi side support Caitlyn full figure bras and Energize plus size sports bras
Now just $40 and $51 at Her Room’s sale!
These Caitlyn bras come in 7 colors in sizes up to34F to JJ, 36 and 38E to JJ, 40 and 42DD to JJ 44 and 46DD to HH!

Both are side-support bras, and Elomi is made by the same company who makes Fantasie, (Eveden).
I have every confidence that these Karina bras will be great too! They have a deeper plunge, which would be helpful, as I have added some lower cut Kiyonna tops to my wardrobe. The Caitlyn full figure bras I love so much have a 3 7/8 inch center gore, these Karina bras have a 2 5/8 inch center gore.

I wish these Large Cup Size Keira Goddess Bras came in band a 34 size! I love their brilliant scarlet color. Even so, these bras do come in a fantastic size range and are the Overall Full Figure Bra winner of the 2010 Undies Awards at Her Room!
These bras come in 4 colors in sizes up to 36 to 42N, 44L and 46K!
These are now just $31 at Her Room’s three day sale!

I think the new Karina bras by Fantasie are going to be every bit as popular as the other bras above.

Her Room and these other sales lately, give us less expensive ways of finding just the right bras for us!
Enjoy the savings!

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