Friday, December 03, 2010

20 and 15% Off Full Figure Bras, 20% off All Baby Phat and a Gift Card

Bare Necessities is having a site wide 20% off discount, and a 2 favorite bras for $40 deal on Lily of France, Olga, Vanity Fair, Bali bras and a few others.

I found a few couple of large cup bras you can get on sale at a discount at Bare Necessities and at Bigger Bras, using their 15% off discount now. I have posted them at the top of our home page as examples.
Here is another example:

The Fantasie Shannon bra is available in sizes 30DD and GG, 32E and G, 34GG, 36DD, 38DD, FF and GG and 40DD and F. It is on sale already at 40% off, you could get it a total of 60% off during this discount!

Baby Phat is having a site wide 20% off deal, including their trendy plus size fashions! Click on their liquid metal halter-top below to checkout their new arrivals at, perhaps, their best prices, with this 20% discount!
Baby Phat does have a $19.99 and under section you could shop at 20% off too!
They also are having a $5 flat rate shipping on orders of $100 now too. Very handy!

Bare Necessities also has my now favorite daily wear bra the Elomi Caitlyn full figure bras, not only in a new color, Amethyst! This is great for me as I have shades of purple and blue in my wardrobe. In addition, they have it on sale in its carnation color, for $33!

But they did not have the amethyst color in my size, so I looked for it at Her Room and found they are having a free $20 gift card with orders $100 or more!

This also qualifies you for free shipping!

That offer is good until 12/14, but you do have to use your gift card by 2/1/11… I think I will find a way!

Click on this picture of the Elomi Caitlyn bra to find it at Her Room in sizes up to 34J, 36 to 42JJ, 44 and 46HH. They have it in seven colors. One for each day of the week, if I keep this up. You can learn about Her Room’s $20 gift card at the top of their pages!
Enjoy the savings on great foundations, that just happen to be pretty and sexy too.

Funny thing happened with me and this bra,

My 11 year old daughter walked in on me while I was wearing my Caitlyn bra above in its blue color.

She said I, well mothers, are not suppose to look that good, or sexy.

I asked her if we, mothers, should be allowed to have feeling, and perhaps, personalities, or are we just care givers, and chauffeurs?
She said, pretty much just care givers and like that.
Well that’s ok, just so long as she realizes we are more than just those things. She does. Just don't remind her! OK.

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