Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tailoring! Because Fit Matters!

In a dream
  • I walk into the supermarket and pick up some Instant Shaping Darts, available in a variety of depths and lengths.
  • When I get home my daughter applies them, because they are fun and easy to apply, (it is a Dream), to mostly the backs, and fronts of some of my blouses.
  • Instantly I loose lots of back fat, and some front fat, visually of course, that was never there in the first place.
  • Just as suddenly the wardrobe I actually wear is expanded, because even I won’t knowing wear something that makes me look many pounds heavier!
  • Now, with shaping darts applied, these shirts can be worn!

In reality I have my nicely shaped Jessica London vest, which I aim to try over the a fore-mentioned button downs.
Jessica London Plus Size Tailored Vest
I also have what My Shape recommends, their numerous discounts,

and Tailoring!

Yes, it is available on line. Yes it is pricey, on line. You can check one company’s tailoring out at . There you can even Build Your Own Perfect Pair of Jeans! Start Designing Now at

If you are in the Houston, TX area you could nip into AG Tailoring. They offer
Custom Leather Suits - and tailoring alterations for all shapes and sizes and tailored designed clothing from sketches or drawings.

I aim to look into on line tailoring to find out the pros and cons of it soon! I do love the idea, if not the price, of Custom Jeans!

If I am wrong about the Instant Shaping Darts, Please let me know!

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