Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Save on Plus Size Dresses Today!

My Shape is having a one day dress sale of select sizes. Until 11:59 pm PDT today you will find select plus size dresses on sale for $60 and $100 by Igigi, Onyx Nite, Karen Kane, Jessica Howard, Donna Ricco and other of the usually pricier designers!
Use the code in this My Shape banner to save more when you check out!

Take $50 off $150 On Spring Dresses at MyShape

If you have shown up late, or are looking for Kiyonna for even less, use this Kiyonna at eBay link, to see the currently 22 styles including $25 new with tag dresses. You will also find their popular camisole, as well as Kiyonna plus size jeans there. All of these items are at Buy it Now, rather than bid, yet still low prices!

Kiyonna themselves also have 6 dresses in their sale section, at $70 to $100.

Igigi also has dresses in their sale section, with dresses, skirts and more! Yet one dress they have at My Shape by Igigi, for $100, is on sale at Igigi for over $100. This discount banner below is from Igigi.
On top of that, you have My Shape’s discount, plus if you set up you’re my shape personal shop, they can tell you if it will really work for you, in a way that Igigi’s more casual size and shape guides can not!
Good reason to do, especially your pricier dress shopping at My Shape, on sale!

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