Friday, April 16, 2010

2 Full Figure Bra sales and I gotta share this with you about an eyeliner!

Fig leaves is having a 20% off Pour Moi? Bras sale, until Mon. 4/19/10. Pour Moi? Makes full figure bras in sizes up to 48G. Click on this bra’s picture below and it will take you to the styles of bras and panties that are on sale!

Click on Bare Necessities 10% off banner in this page’s right column, scroll down a bit and you will find their Most Wanted Bras sale! 17 styles including Le Mystere's Dream Tisha full fit bras, and a prettier lace trimmed bra by them, my favorite Panache super tango II large cup bra, Goddess bras and more.
Note: You will get an additional 10% by using this link, just by using their discount banner if want Le Mystere, Goddess and perhaps other bras. Not so the Panache bras though. To see their Exclusions to that 10% off discount. Look to the top left of their pages once you click their discount banner. There you will find a link to See Exclusion.
Bare Necessities Most Wanted Bras sale lasts until 4/21/10

Now about the eye liner!
Granted I am sort of a shy, timid person, who feels she looks a bit mousey. Still I got this Guerlain kohl eyeliner, likely not long after it came out, about 3, possibly more years ago, using it occasionally.

Just last week I found a YouTube video by lolipop26
showing how to use it on your water line, (just above your lower eye liner).
I thought I could do this. She just squeezed her eye shut to apply it rather than dragged it.
Then she just pressed the stick along the eyelash line for the upper lid. I skipped this because just the water line had made such a difference!

It was more than enough! Well like I said, I am a bit shy…
The dragging the stick you apply it with along you water line is what you will see in the video I found. I cannot find lolipop26’s video this week for some reason…

So finally this am I got around to trying it.
Except I did not even close my eyes on the stick.
I just laid the stick on my water line.

IT still works so well!

What impact!

I was convinced I was gonna do this every day!

(yes some got in my eyes. Not only does it not hurt, it, unlike mascara, feels like nothing! Yet has SO MUCH MORE IMPACT!)
I suddenly realized I could run out, I may be near out of this eye liner already. GULP
I found Use this link to go to Sephora’s is having a 15% off discount until 4/19/10. They also give you free shipping on orders over $50!
And I found they have 2 styles of Guerlain Kohl eye liner. I am enthusing to you about the terracotta loose power Guerlain Kohl eyeliner.
And now here is the best video I could find, rather than lolipop26’s which I prefer, because there is no dragging of the stick to apply this eyeliner, which made me bold enough to get right up to this, not even close my eyes and still have it work.

I am using the brown color, which appears to have lovely gold speckles in it.

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