Monday, November 09, 2009

Thank you Harpy! Where do you get Custom-sized Corsets?

I have often though Victorian style, I take this to mean with lace up back corsets, especially ones that could triple as sexy lingerie, club wear and shapewear would be the best buy. Your point of being adjustable, for optimum comfort is well taken with regard to this too! Harpy, where do you get custom-sized corsets? I found Hips and Curves has several styles of steel boned corsets, this one below is cotton twill lined and surprising comfort is mentioned in its write up! One corset in this line just comes up to your underbust, keeping the whole bust issue out of it, which is likely best if you wear large cup bras, or if your bust is in a whole other size range than your waist & / or hips.

They have 2 others in this line, that look just great, but they are all in the $130 to $150 price range. A bit too steep for some, like me for instance…Hips and Curves does have a wide selection of much more affordable plus size corsets, many of which have lace up back, but I doubt many are cotton lined. Still good for cooler parts of the year or for erotic lingerie purposes just in the summer. They all look great! This jacquard with lace inset corset comes in sizes 38 to 50!

They also have a wide variety of leather and patent corsets and lingerie, just for full figure women. Where you will find many lace up styles of leather and patent corsets.
This zip-front leather corset also has a lace up back!

Currently, also a lace up, and more to my price range, this mere $62 - $56 lace up the back corset, with side hook closure corset comes in black, purple and royal in two size ranges. Click on its picture to go to it at Bigger Bras in sizes 38 to 44, then scroll down to find it in sizes 46 to 50.
I have long though of some of Fredrick’s, (who have their corset / shapewear section together, likely where they belong), has some nice plus size corsets. Like their Renaissance corset, which comes in sizes up to 3XL, (Bust-54, Waist-46, Hips-54).

This one comes in red and black too.
For a women like my self, who is full busted, I like the idea of shoulder straps, especially if I am not going to be wearing a bra I trust with a corset. This corset does have a lace up back. Judging from how high up its side is in the picture, it may have a moderate to high back too. All of which should help with bust support.
Even if your shapewear is not showing, if you know you look pretty underneath, don’t you feel better? Next to the naturally customizing effect of lace up back corsets, wearing pretty lingerie corsets for shaping will also help you feel beautiful from your skin out!
This is in response to Harpy’s comment on our blog of 11/7/09 about Lytess, Re-Shaping wear?


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