Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Large Cup Bras that might give you a perky breasts look!

I was looking at how the side support of Fantasie’s new Elodi large cup bras are structured from the straps right into the sides of the cups. I get the impression these will give our breast that front and center, youthful perky look! It comes in sizes 30 - 38D to H, 40DD to G and 42DD to F.
Click on this bra’s picture below that takes you to Figleaves. Then mouse over, especially the right side, and check this new design out.

What do you think?
Very much like the Savannah full figure bras in blue, whose picture you can also find at Figleaves, with the same side support structure, on its left side, in that particular picture.

iconSadly, there are few reviews, available at Her Room so far. Both seem to have sizing problems. One does mention the front and center effect.
It seem, especially when you are both full figured and full busted, hard to avoid that matronly look. T
This style of side support in full busted bras just might work to ditch the matron form look!
Have any of you tried either of these bras? Or one with a similar style of side support? If so, does it do that front and center, perky breast effect I suspect it does?

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