Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Thank you Danae and Plus Size Sports Bra for your comments!

Danae, I can’t wait to see the great full figure bras we can find only online, for most of us, and simply try them on in local stores!
Especially since now that I need a 34J rather than a 36J, I ordered and received one of my favorite bras. When I tried it on, I got that crummy, squished double boob effect by simply wearing a smaller band size.
Yet my every day favorite Panache Tango II Super Bra fits perfect in its smaller band size. Which is just what you would think right? Yet not so my other favorite Panache Harmony bra, I am assuming it is just a quirk of that single bra I received, but now I will be reluctant to order it in a 34J.
It seems you must try each one on, to find out if it fits. There was a time in recent years when I, and judging from some reviews, for a time, other women, received Le Mystere’s Dream Tisha full fit bras with pointy cups. Then other women’s reviews, after that time got better, with no mention of pointy cups! I suppose mishaps will happen.
How nice it would be to simply hand it to the local department store’s bra fitter, explain one’s surprise at these problems and let her take it from there. That would be much better than bringing back to the post office, wondering whether to order it again, or not, in my new band size? Or should I try a larger cup size, or what?

Thank you Plus Size Sports bras! You are right! There are plenty of nice online stores that offer great style and prices! Her own, Plus Size Sports Bra, offers a good selection of Champion and other sports bras at excellent prices.
I still like the Enell sports bra, and find that now, until 11/30/09, using code 20shop at Bigger Bras, on orders of $75 you can get 2 of these excellent bras, if you order an in-stock one, or two. Then you can get 20% off them! They have all Enell sizes 0 to 8, or, (32C to 52DD), in stock, but you would have to order at least 2, or one, and something else. At Bigger Bras these great high compression sports bras are just $54, it is usually $60. Or you could just get one, yet use there code freeship to get it with paying for the shipping, (that offer is good on any orders over $25).
Plus Size Bras and Danae’s comments were on this blog’s post of 10/26/09,
Knicker’s Americas denial of Larger Cup Size Bras has some good news for us full figured, and makes some good points!

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