Saturday, November 07, 2009

Lytess, Re-Shapingwear?

When you think about shapewear, do you consider the longer-term effects of wearing it? Maybe we should. I had my own experience with Squeem’s fajas, in its plus size waist cincher vest style, a while back and lost inches after wearing this compression shapewear style.
Now I have been reading about Lytess’ shapewear line with micro-encapsulation of cosmetic slimming agents, like caffeine. You can watch this Enews flick about it here.

According to Bliss’ FAQ about Lytess shapewear page, we can expect to loose 1.5” off our waists and 1” off our hips wearing the Lytess slimming corrective belt. It gets excellent reviews at Bliss.
You will also find Lytess at Amazon
The reviewers of the lytess slimming corrective belt, as seen below at Amazon are not so good. Amazon does have a variety of similar items which some of the reviewers of Lytess shapewear refer to in their reviews.

Lytess also has shaping shorts, Capri and leggings, which two bloggers at Fig leaves blog review after wearing for 18 days, with very good results! Read their Shaping up post where they give a few fashion pointers on wearing these styles!
The up shot of my looking into this is:

  • According to Bliss World, Lytess shaping styles sizes are S/M = 26 – 30”waist, and L/XL= 32 – 36” waist. At Bliss World their products get great reviews.
    Amazon has a similar, yet different, selection of Lytess product, most without reviews so far.
  • Apparently they have a caffeine infused line, and a orange peel infused line, and they even have a slimming arm sleeve, and a slimming push up panty, but the largest size, waist band wise, they have available is the XL, equaling just up to a 36” waist. Not what some women would call plus size shapewear, yet perfect for others…

The woman who wrote the Fig leaves post says she wore the Lytess size small / medium, though she wears a size 14, and that the bike short style fits great under jeans.

The way I look at it:
For me, the only way I am going to confront shapewear is when the temperature is under 50 degrees, for extra warmth purposes as much as any thing else. The rest of the year, it is just too hot.
Shapewear costs plenty, or so it seems to me. As long as you are going to consider buying any, you should, if possible get,

  • Long lasting results
  • Relief from back pain
  • Excellent posture

Yeah why not, it cost plenty; you should get plenty for your bucks.
The only reason I stopped buying Squeem waist cincher vests, is likely because I am short. Apparently after to gut reduction from wearing my first one to smithereens, I ended up getting poked in the underbust and thighs.

If you are taller than 5’1.5” the Squeem fajas might work just as well for you.
Her Room now carries them too! They have them in sizes up to 5XL and they have reviews from full figure women who wear them. They have both the vest style and waist cincher style below. Click on either picture to shop them at Her Room.

And the rubber waist cincher, which has excellent to o-kay reviews from full figure women.

The wait cincher above really does have a rubber smell. One thing the reviews about the Lytess waist belt reviews say is that is smells wonderful!
The Squeem styles really do deliver what I mentioned I expect from shapewear. Now, with even less of a gut, but still one I would like to tame, I may well try the Lytess corrective belt, or leggings or shorts. Many of the Amazon reviewers complain about in the Lytess belt is roll up and down. Bliss wearers do not. Naturally with stays, like Squeem styles, you can not get that. With pant styles, I will not get some more of that back fat off…
A tough choice, Lytess belt or leggings, but possibly a good product worth trying. If you are taller than I, the Squeem ones above will do you good, until spring…then it is just too hot.

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  1. Frankly I find well-made (especially custom-sized) Victorian-style corsets far more comfortable than modern shapewear. It's not compulsory to tightlace, and thus you get less uncomfortable compression and more good shaping. Depending on what it's made of it's also usually less hot to wear, as cotton drill works better in that regard than rubber/elastane/spandex and nylon power mesh.