Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thank you Plus Size Ashley!

Plus Size Ashley commented on our post of 10/6/09 regarding Bali’s popular Satin Tracings full figure bras coming in large cup bra sizes D to G in band sizes up to 44! Plus Size Ashley says she wears a similar one by Ashley Stewart. She did not say which one; I find they have a strapless and regular shoulder strap version of their Butterfly Bras. You can watch this video about them!

These bras have a unique double back band, which should really boost support, they say it smooth back fat too. These bras have graduated push-up gel pads for shaping. These are underwire bras, unfortunately they seem to only come in a small array of sizes 38 to 44D to DDD.

Thank you Plus Size Ashley for pointing Ashley Stewart’s bras out to me, I like their career wear section too!

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