Monday, October 26, 2009

Knicker’s Americas denial of Larger Cup Bras has some good news for us full figured, and makes some good points!

Just from the title alone, I had to read it. A few years ago, just as I had found my first right bra size, where the underwires lay nice and flat between my breasts, some ladies I was walking up to school with stated plainly that there is no need for a cup size over DD. As these were, and still are, fond acquaintances of mine, I simply shied away for a bit.

Now I find, Thanks to Knicker’s blog article Americas denial of Larger Cup Bras , that at least retailers in the US are changing their perspective! Retailers like Kohls, J. C. Penny and Target are revamping their lingerie lines, launching new labels, and even offering FITTING SERVICES. Perhaps with the addition of fitting services these stores will notice, should they take feed back from their fitters, that quite often a large cup size rather than band size is needed for some women to get a proper fit!

No mention made of if these stores will start carrying bras from DD to K cup sizes, but still, one can hope!

Then they point to many people’s misconceptions of larger cup sizes. Showing a very crummy, (o-kay, insulting), video that has been passed around as an email forward. Well insulting to women who wear over a D cup size. This could not help us one bit.

Then just below it they show just how normal, not at all fat, or outlandish, a woman who wears a DD cup size, in profile, looks like. And this, is pretty much, well with the exception of a larger waist and bit of a tummy, is what my torso’s profile looks like, wearing a properly fitting bra,. My Panache Super Tango II, in a size, now 34J, gives me just the same nice, even, not exaggerated bust profile, and it is not even a minimizer bra!

If I wear the wrong cup size, smaller does it, it does look like the cartoon video’s larger, DD and E examples, except with the double boob effect.

Knicker’s blog feels that if they keep telling women about larger cup bras and lingerie, women will realize that these are real, not mutant sizes.

Have I taken the time to check out Kohls, Pennies and Target for large cup bras. No. I haven’t the time yet. Right now, I am sticking to shopping on line for my bras.

This week, until 10/31, Bigger Bras’ 25% off your order of $100 in stock merchandise, (use code 25togo), makes shopping on line for full figure bras and lingerie even more affordable. If you have to backorder what you want, they have a free shipping deal good until 12/29, (using code freeship).

This is the Panache bra I mentioned above at Bigger Bras, currently in stock in some sizes at $31.20 and $46.80. You can backorder it in a multitude of sizes, up to 30 = 40D to K, 42DD to J and 44D to FF, on sale at $46.80.


You can rely on Bigger Bras for a good selection of plus size and large cup bras

Shopping on line for bras is great once you know your bra size. You may even be able to get a fitting at a department store near you by now!


  1. Your article aptly describes the apathy of plus size women. But there are now a lot of online stores offering great styles and prices for plus size women.

  2. Hi Anne,

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful piece about our article! We believe passionately about affordable larger-cup sizes - I myself am a 36G so I know the pain of not being able to find a properly fitting bra! It's getting so much better online for larger cup sizes, but I can't wait until the day when I walk into a regular department store and see great-looking larger-cup bras on the shelves!

    Thanks again!