Wednesday, October 07, 2009

2 reasons why I can’t wait to get down to a G cup!

If I can get down to a GG cup size I could fit into Elomi’s new deeply plunging, smooth, seamless full figure bras you see below. If I can get down to a G cup I’d fit their new Demi-cup underwire bra, which is the 2nd bra down pictured on our intimates page today.
To shop this plunge bra at a 10% off discount, note the Bigger Bras discount code to your right, then click on this bra’s picture.
To read its excellent reviews go to Her Room, either by using the text link in the 1st sentence of this post, then take its picture in that page’s right column that tells you it goes to Her Room. Or use the Her Room banner in this blog’s right column and you will find it under Elomi bras.
Bigger Bras dose not carry the Demi-cup bra, but so far it has 2 all five star reviews at Her Room, from women who wear 42FF and 46F bras. It comes in sizes 36, 38 and 40D to G, 42D to FF and 44D to F.
As to why I might get down to a G cup without even trying, check out today’s Fitting in Fitness post, A Dog Keeps you Moving, even when you are Sick!.

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