Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Bali Satin Tracing Full Figure Bras, in G cup sizes, and now just $15

I did not know any Bali Bras, like the popular Satin Tracings full figure underwire minimizer bras, came in G cup sizes! They do now! Just My Size has them in sizes 36, 38, 40, 42 and 44C to G cup sizes as well as in sizes up to 46, 48 and 50C to DDD, today for just $15. I know Bali Bras are often on sale at Just My Size, but I do not know how long this one lasts. These, now large cup bras, are also on sale at Her Room and Bare Necessities, but the Bare Necessities sale will be gone by tomorrow. Just My size has them in the best size ranges anyway.
Just My Size has them in 5 colors at just $14.99 now. You can click on this picture to shop them at this fantastic price.

I used to wear these until I gained enough weight to figure out: No, the band is too big, and yet the cups are too small…hum? Must be I have the wrong size.
Before I gained all that weight these Satin Tracing bras were among my favorites. I also did not know that bras came larger than E cup sizes…
Live and learn!
Bare Necessities, Her Room and Just My Size carry this Bali bra in cup sizes up to G, but Just My Size still has the best size selection, and today the best price!


  1. I find this bra rather comfortable, I buy a similar one from Ashley Stewart (http://www.ashleystewart.com/ )

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