Wednesday, August 05, 2009

2 extremely Supportive, Pretty, and Comfy Full Figure and Large Cup Bras, 1 at Clearance prices!The more v-neckline version of these full figure bras

The more v-neckline version of these full figure bras pictured below have excellent ratings for appearance, comfort, support and fit at Bigger Bras and Her Room. Both the Demi-cup, square neckline, underwire version is still available at both stores, in some sizes. These bras are just $46.99 at Her Room!. That is an excellent price, as these bras are Chantelle’s full figure Legende and Demi-cup Legende bras. Below is the full figure, more v-necked, version that will not likely go on sale. I figure the best price you will see on this is using the current 15% off at Bigger Bras code to your top right here today, and clicking on its picture to shop for it, in sizes 32 – 42C, D, E & F and 32 to 40G and H.
The reason I figure these bras above will not likely go on sale is many women who review them for Her Room and Bigger Bras say they have one in every color, have more than one, rave about this bras comfort and support. These statements are both from women who wear plus size bra sizes like 40D and large cup bra sizes like 32H!
The reviews, (only available at Her Room so far), for the square neckline, demi-cup version of this bra, at a clearance price of $46.99 below, are equally great!

At Her Room, this bra above is still available in sizes 32 and 34B and C, 36B, 40B to F and 42B and C!
Bigger Bras has this bra as well, not on sale, and only in black in sizes 32, 34 and 40E and 34, 36 and 40F.

A word of caution about Chantelle cup sizes, if you usually wear Fantasie, Freya and Panache bras:
According to Bigger Bras’, I find it reliable, Bras size comparison chart about one third of the way down their How to Fit a Bra page:
Chantelle, Fantasie, Freya and Panache are all the same in cup sizes B to D, Then:

What Chantelle calls an E cup , the other three call DD,
Then Chantelle’s F cup equals E in Fantasie, Freya and Panache
A bra cup size G is equal to what Fantasie, Freya and Panache bra cup of F
It might be best to check the chart to be sure.

I put a permanent link to Bigger Bras’ How to Fit a Bra page, with the handy cup size comparison chart in this pages right column, under Bra Sizing Information.

Also based on some of the women’s reviews of these, normal neckline, bras above at Her Room, the band size might be, like many Fantasie bras, a bit larger. So if you are in doubt about your band size, go with your smaller one.

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