Friday, September 19, 2008

Thank you Mrs. Carrington for your kind comment

Having a little girl to set a good example for puts dressing a fuller figure in a perspective that far exceeds the importance of style and fashion. Even though my 8 year old has yet to be very concerned about her own appearance, she does look at me. She, a skinny to slender little girl, asked me if she looked fat. This really shook me up. She did not care what she was wearing, but was already concerned about her weight? Yikes!

So I have felt the need to make sure she knows there is nothing wrong with being slim or large. She actually asked me this year if she will be as large as I am when she grows up. I assured her that no matter what size she turns out to be, she’ll be fine.

Now that she has been in school a few years it has become apparent to me that how we look at when we take our children to school and back matters. Once she even asked me to please dress up for her school concert that year. Of course all my attention was on how she looked. So it seems to matter to our children how we look.

Fortunately there are many flattering styles for us fuller figure women now. You’ll find a nice selection of stores that carry mostly classic, some trendy clothing at my Plus Size Women’s Clothing website. I have been looking at most of the apparel in these stores for years, with the exception of Old Navy and Avenue, since 2003. If you take that link now you’ll find that Old Navy has provided us full figure women with a nice fashion show. Though I personally have not tried them yet, you can see their prices are budget friendly!

I especially like the styles at Silhouettes and lots of my wardrobe comes from them and some of my casual attire from Avenue. If you become a Silhouettes Buyers Club member you save 10% off all purchases, even their sale and Outlet goods! They have classics and new trends too. They can be a bit pricey, but you can find great price breaks in their Outlet store. This women’s blazer is now $89. It will never go out of style, and it was down to $19 in their Outlet store in late spring.
Notched-Collar Jacket

They have standard items that go into the Outlet store each year and reappear in the store when they are in season. That is one way to shop for a stylish wardrobe without breaking the budget!

Currently their very classic a-line skirt is now just $9.00 and still available in all but size 16W in Navy. If you join the buyer’s club it’s less 10%!!
A-Line Skirt

I wear mine just as above, but with the twin set buttoned at the top mostly. And this skirt is where I learned that size does matter a quite a lot when dressing to please the eye. I usually put comfort first. And while I know I have been writing for years about how generously sizes Silhouettes fashions are, I just did not listen to me. I ordered this skirt in a size 18W. When I got it, it felt great, looked a little frumpish but nice and neat. Then I noticed I could turn the whole thing around, with easy, at my waist to wipe some pine tree sap that I sat in off.

I ordered the khaki one in a size 16W. That one felt just as comfy and looks as sleek as the above pictured outfit! I had not lost weight either.

One other thing I have noticed about Silhouettes clothing is their woven jackets and vests are large in the back. Sadly those are too large for me. I did not have time to put in the shaping darts so I had to send the ever so soft jacket above back. Yet their knit tops, sweaters and cardigans drape beautifully off my shoulder blades, so that is not a problem. But if you need a lot of room in the back, well there you go! Silhouttes is the line of plus size fashions I am most familiar with. I have not tired their woven pants yet, but I love thier leggings!

I am sorry it took so long to get back to you Mrs. Carrington. And I hope this info can be of some assistance as you in your efforts to make a good impression to your daughter. When she goes to school she might be told that we larger women are also at a risk health wise. This happened to my child. Like they need one more thing to be frightened of, along with fire drills and lock down drills. They even had a Slim Healthy week theme last year. So it helps to reassure our girls that we are healthy too!
Best wishes

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