Thursday, February 22, 2007

Nothing moo moo about Baby Phat’s Plus Size Fashions!

Baby Phat, by Kimora Lee Simmons, is among the premiere hip hop fashion brand in the fashion world. Kimora is a super model whose designs are sexy and sassy. Now Baby Phat has sexy and stylish jeans, jackets, shirts and dresses and more in full figure sizes.

Like their full figure, Wide Belted Military denim jackets. These figure flattering denim jacket come in sizes 2XL and 3XL in 3 denim washes.

Glamour Magazine

finds wide belted styles slenderizing on full figure women. If you like trendy styles, with wide belts check this one out at the above link! With this jackets fitted look, wide belt and back vent, it’ll make the most of all your curves!

Which is just the kind of curve accentuating action you’ll find when you Click Here for Baby Phat Fashion

I, being both full busted and shy, liked and ordered their Ice Water Crop Demin Vest below. One of their more conservative and classic styles.

Ice Water Crop Denim Vest

When I got it yesterday I was surprised to find their high attention to detail. Every seam perfectly finished! The pockets are real! I love pockets! The back adjustable belt is perfectly placed! A nice heavy grade of denim and fine workmanship at a good price!

My little daughter is pushing me to try their other fine fashions. I can’t blame her. Like I said, the above vest is about as low key as they get. She wants me to dress UP! I never would have thought that makers of hip hop urban luxury fashions would, perhaps slowly, get me to dress better. But with their styles, love some of their plus size handkerchief hem skirts, and great workmanship! Even I could get around to dressing better!

Their plus size fashions are not cheap, but not too pricey either!!

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