Sunday, February 01, 2015

Super Bowl Savings on Kiyonna Valentine’s Day Outfits?

Sure! Why not! We can also enjoy most all of Kiyonna’s flattering fashions at this 20% off discount, as there are few exceptions.

Click on Kiyonna’s discount banner below and you will find, among other things, a link to their Valentine’s Day Find My Look book. They have their outfits set up as Spicy or Sweet, but I swear some are just right in the middle.

Also on the page this banner takes you to: Their Valentine’s Day delivery shipping info, and down a bit is their
Real Curves section featuring how their Modern Mesh dress looks on, today, a 5’3” women wearing a size 2X.

I love that Kiyonna shows us their styles on not your model shaped women. Gives us a better idea of how many of their style might look on many of us!
 Big Game 20% Off 
Kiyonna tops and dresses are often just the thing to accentuate the waistline you have, or visually create one.

They have trendy styles in beautiful colors and prints. I love my few Kiyonna tops, largely because they feel so good.

I got mine using a discount like this and shopping their sale section. So I am normally broke…
And I normally have to get my Kiyonna tops back from my daughter, who is in no way the fashion slouch I am….
I am working on that too…
just not quite the priority.



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