Tuesday, February 17, 2015

20% Off Kiyonna Fashions

We can still get 20% off Kiyonna’s oh so flattering full figure fashions until 10 am PT on 2/18!

The twist pull over Bellini in the banner below, like most, if not all, Kiyonna styles comes in sizes up to 5X or 32. It also comes in a beautiful plum color and is one of their new arrivals!

Below the banner is a look at some of their other new styles for 2015 so far! President's Day Sale 
Kiyonna is also a great place to browse wedding gowns, which we can apparently use this discount on too!

New Kiyonna Fashions

While many of the dresses and tops in new arrivals appear to be new colors, (Who can blame them as they are new colors of Kiyonna’s Most Loved styles!), some appear to be, perhaps, entirely new!

These are just pictures below. I would take the banner above, note any discount codes on Kiyonna’s home page it takes you too, and then go to New Arrivals there to browse these styles!

This is a picture of their Foxfire Faux Wrap Dress! I like the sweetheart neckline, V-back and halter cut out of this dress style. It also comes in solid black in sizes 10 to 32 and is too new for reviews so far.

Their Soiree Evening Gown currently has 3, (All 5 star!), reviews and comes in solid black and plum as well as this navy color pictured below.

Two of its three reviews wore this to a wedding and the other as evening attire and all were quite pleased!

This shrug has one, 5 star, review so far, from a women self-conscious of her upper arms.
She tells quite a bit about what a success this new addition to her shrug and cropped cardigan collection this leopard print one is.
To summarize: She must also get this in the solid black it also comes in!

What I like about this shrug
as well as the Bellini in the discount banner above
and plenty of Kiyonna’s tops and dresses:

Many of these styles can be worn for work
or to add polish to our casual outfits!

Like their Alllure Lace Peplum Tops Which also come in solid red!

These have 2, (again 5 star), reviews so far.

wear it for work or events

or to make a jeans outfit look special!

There are more styles in their New Arrival department, but it is worth browsing Kiyonna’s whole site!

I tend to be a fan of their sale section, especially when discounts like these are available!

One of the great things about Kiyonna’s website is their Real Curves section.
Currently you can find it by clicking on the banner above, then scrolling down to the bottom of their home page.
This is where we can find their fashions worn by women who give us the size they are wearing and height. Hard to say if this is better than many reviews, or simply an excellent addition to reviews.
Either way, this helps one better visualize how a style might look on someone who is not a model!



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