Saturday, December 27, 2014

Getting Fit in 2015? $10 Off Sports Bras

Is fitness is part of your plan for 2015, or if it already is? Either way you might appreciate a break on excellent sports bras, now is the time to browse Bare Necessities’ $10 Off Select Sports Bras. Valid 12/23/14-1/12/15.

They have 23 DD+ styles by brands like Enell, Panache, Le Mystere, Natori, Freya, Wacoal and more! Sports bras in that category come in sizes up to 52E, 44 to 48F, 42G, 38 to 40L, 30 to 36K and 28J.

They have 27 sports bras they consider plus size, many of the same styles in the above mentioned DD+ part of this sale.

Best Selling DD+ and Plus Size Sports Bra style

Enell’s maximum control wire free sports bras happens to be the best selling in both of these two categories at Bare Necessities.

This bra style is currently on sale in all of its five colors Bare Necessities carries for $54 with this current deal!
75 of this bra’s current 77 reviews recommend these bras which they rate high for:
  • High Quality
  • Staps Stay In Place
  • No Bounce 
  • 21 of these reviewers say this is a wardrobe must have! 

It is also unusual in that it is one of the very few bras, (and only sports bra), I mention here that I have worn! (No one sends bras to me to promote here. Also I am often broke, which means I get most of my bras at eBay stores, for a fraction of the price!). 

I liked mine and found it great for exercise and often quite comfortable enough to wear when not exercising as well.

If you are planning to get into exercise in 2015 and feel you will need a sports bra, this is a nice way to save on excellent full figure ones!



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