Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Two New Beautiful Up to K Cup Bras

Bravissimo has bras in band sizes 28 to 40 and up to L cup sizes! Currently they happen to have two new full figure bra styles that come in sizes up to 40K and 40L!

Alana Bras, up to 40L, New Color

Bravissimo’s own Alana bras come in sizes 28FF to J, 30E to KK and 32 to 40DD to L in now 7 colors! This is their new one! Click on its picture to scope out the others and its reviews!  
If you use their currency converter, (left of center top of their pages), you will find this bra at an affordable, (more so than say Fantasie, Freya, Panache, Elomi at full price most places…), $46.46!

Bravissimo’s New Rosie Bras

These bras mention “side sling” in their description and if you mouse over its picture at Bravissimo, it appears to have the “side-support”, (4th section), panel of Elomi’s Caitlyn and many other Elomi and Fantasie bras! Which I, who wears an HH to J cup, feel makes this design GREAT! For whatever that is worth…

These bras are too new for reviews and come in sizes 30E to JJ and 32 to 40DD to K!  
If, like their Alana bras, this style becomes a hit, I imagine we can expect to see them in more colors in future. These beautiful bras are just $49.78!

Other Up to K Cup Bras at Bravissimo

Currently, using the numerous search options in the left menu at Bravissimo, I am finding:
  • One up to L cup bra, which must be their own Alana
  • Two up to KK cup sized bras, 
again their Alana

and their Beautiful, but limited sizes available Fleur Bra below!

These bras came in sizes 30E to K and 32 to 40DD to L. They are still available in sizes 32E to KK and many sizes 34 to 40E to K, with 34 and 36KK also still available, at this writing as well.

These full bust bras are just $49.78 and have 13 excellent reviews. This style also has the visible, (mousing over at its picture at Bravissimo), side support panel or side sling.

They also have 30 up to K cup bras!
  • 15 by Bravissimo themselves
  • 6 by Panache
  • 5 by Royce
  • 2 by Fantasie
  • 2 by Freya 
I hope to take a closer look at these styles as well soon. I am a big fan of side support bras and am glad to see two of these styles have them.

Do you care if a bra has side support panels, or side slings?

Just curious.



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