Friday, June 27, 2014

Three DD to HH Demi Cup Full Figure Bras

If you need large cup size full figure bras here are a few beautiful demi cup bras that come in cup sizes up to HH! These lovely demi-cup bras at Bravissimo took me by surprise!

In fact they have a Tropic Exotic bras that come in cup sizes up to J too! These are too new for reviews…

Here is a look at the three they have in order of best reviews!

Totally 5 Star Buttercup Bras

While this bra style has only 3 reviews, they are all 5 Star! These, and the other 2 half-cup bras below, cost $54.50. This style is available in all sizes 28 to 38DD to HH size range.
The 3 reviewers wear sizes:
  • 40DD
  • 34HH
  • and 32HH

This sort of thing matters to me, because I am looking to see what women who wear the size, or near the size, I wear find good,
and not.

Does anyone else care about that sort of thing?

Demi Diva Bras

These half cup bras have a 4 star rating out of 11 reviews. These bras come in the same size range as the Buttercup style above, but are out of stock in some cup sizes in the 28 and 38 band sizes…

Women who reviewed these wore bras in the
  • 28DD and GG
  • 30HH
  • 32G and GG34F and G
  • 36HH sizes
so far.

Fanciful Bras

These pretty bras are only out of stock in a few of the cup sizes in band sizes 28, 36 and 38 of the same size range. (could be this is a workable large cup size range for demi-cup bras!?!?), at the same price. These also have a 4 star average out of 7 reviews!

Reviewers who gave their bra sizes wear:
  • 28F, FF
  • 30E
  • 32G 
  • and 34F

I am very interested in trying half cup bras made by Bravissimo, because they design bras for women in sizes up to L cup sizes.

I figure if anyone would be above to make good demi-bras in cup sizes up to HH, odds are great it would be them!
The fine reviews, especially of the Buttercup bras, make these look so encouraging!

My own experience, likely do to my limited budget, has been that HH to K cup bras come in Full or Balcony styles, and little else…(Oh Sob…).

So I am:
  • So Thrilled!
  • Surprised!
  • Yet still too broke to indulge… 

Hopefully soon I can afford to give you a personal review of at least one of them…
Just as hopefully, if you have one of these please comment on how you like these bra styles!


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