Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Up to 40% Off E.L.F. Makeup

Until 4/14/14 we can enjoy 20%, 30% or 40% off E.L.F. makeup simply by using their Save up to 40% off purchases with the Secret Sale at! link and finding out what our discount will be!

New E.L.F. Makeup

Most of the new cream eye shadows I posted about last week are in stock again! New colors in the BB creams and Tinted Moisturizers I posted about in January are mostly in stock… The 56 piece Makeup Artist Collection is still available at $20!

This is their new Studio Blush Palette, which comes in light or dark colors, currently out of stock in both for $6, with 21 excellent reviews! e.l.f. Studio Blush Palette So we can see how it is, often,
as with the new Essential Quick Drying Top Coat for nails.
Or the Essential 3 in 1 Base Top & Strengthener for nails,
also out of stock…
If it is very new a E.L.F.,
unless you catch it just as it comes out,
it tends to be out of stock.

This new Moisturizing Lipstick does come in 10 colors. The other 9, (& one of them is a slightly darker than this pink), are in stock. This pink one however is out of stock. e.l.f. Studio Moisturizing Lipstick Of course if you are new to E.L.F. makeup, nail polish and skin care products, you might want to try best sellers first anyway…
Those tend to be more in than out of stock!

Since we do not need a code for this discount, possibly we can still use their usual Free Shipping code on orders of $35+. We can find that code at the upper right corner of their pages.

It does say This Secret Sale OR their Free Shipping offer, so perhaps not…

Their standard shipping is $6.95 in the US, Hawaii, Alaska, Territories and P.O. Boxes, $14.95 Canada and elsewhere…

Not bad when you consider the discount we get just for using E.L.F. cosmetics at full price rather than even drug store brands these days!

Good Quality Makeup at extremely affordable prices! I like their eye makeups I have tried so far and highly recommend them.

My daughter has tried much more of their products and she recommends them too!



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