Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Elomi now available in band size 32

If, like many of us, you carry most, or much, of your weight in your belly, hips or thighs, yet still need, and truly appreciate, a snug fitting smaller band bra, Elomi has finally come out with some styles in bra band size 32!

Don’t worry; they still have plenty of bras in band sizes up to 48 too!

Elomi’s Maria Strapless Basque

Usually I start out showing the least expensive, but this time I am starting with the style with the widest size range!

If we can, I think we should all enjoy this beautiful Basque! Click on its picture to find it in sizes 32DD to HH, as well as 34 – 40DD to HH, 42DD to H, 44DD to G and 46DD and E at Figleaves for $118!

 Maria Strapless Basque 

Not too surprisingly, all the 32DD to HH sizes are already Low Stock, so act soon if you need them!

Or click on its picture below to find it at Classic Shapewear, where the shipping is always free, in black or cream in size 32DD to HH and other sizes in the 34 to 48DD to HH range, for $115!

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Elomi’s Smoothing Underwire Bustier

You can find this style at Bigger Bras for $74, in ivory in sizes 32F and FF and black in size 32G, as well as other assorted sizes in the 34 to 46D to G size range for $74.

At Bigger Bras, you can usually get anything that is not Enell or Chantelle at 10% Off! If you click on this style below, then look to the left column at Bigger Bras, you can usually find today’s 10% off discount code!
Elomi Smoothing Bustier 1231
Bustier, Flexible Side Boning, Molded Shape, Concealed Bottom Edge [More]
Price: 74.00
Sale: 74.00
You can also find this style at Classic Shapewear in sizes 32F, in ivory, 32FF, G and GG in black and other sizes in the 34 to 46 D t0 GG size range in black and / or ivory, for $74.

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Elomi’s Serena Bridal Basque

Last and, bra band size 32 wise, least is Elomi’s Serena basque. Click on it below to find it in size 32DD in white and other sizes in the 34 – 46D to G range, in white, ivory or black for $90 at Bigger Bras.
Elomi Serena Bridal Basque 8202
Basque, Bridal, Boning [More]
Price: 90.00
Sale: 90.00
Well that is a start! 3 Styles At 3 stores So far
Thank you! Anyone else Who Wrote Elomi about needing Full Figure Bras in band size 32!
Having shaped up, and regardless of inactivity, be it moving, a surgery or anything else I have failed to gain back much of my bulk…

What I have gained back in not in my upper torso and so…
I have been badgering Elomi from time to time about this.

I am tired of my bra snaking up my back, and want Caitlyn bras that fit. Most of the 32HH and JJ bras I have found are balcony style, which are fine occasionally but for every day…
and now after this surgery, balcony styles are not helping one bit!

I figure the above styles show a small step in that direction.
They also show that it cannot be just me!

Thanks again!

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