Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fashions, including Jackets, for Under $20

A contrast to yesterday’s Bloomingdales post 

Styles for Less has a plus size department, and fantastic prices! They also have a; Buy pair of jeans, get 1 for $10 deal, you will find at the end of this post!

However, these very nicely priced fashions can go out of stock, while I write this…

So act fast if you are thinking of buying from them! On the bright side, you can shop by sizes 1X to 3X or 14 to 24. Hopefully this will speed your search of what’s left.

Some Styles left stock while I watched

These are just pictures of these styles, so use the Jeans Deal text link at the bottom of this post to go there.

The $14 suede jacket, whose available size disappeared while I drank my coffee this AM.

This $13 red, cames in black too, dress. This form fitting style went away while I wrote this...

Still in Stock at the Moment

Miraculously, I refreshed the page and this hi-lo ombre chiffon dress is still in stock, for $9.00, in size 3X!

They have plenty of leggings, jeans, tops, blouses, jackets and sweaters, a few Halloween costumes, some more dresses at the moment.

I better end this before the dress above leaves stock in size 3X.

How to find these Discount Styles

Use this Styles for Less (because this  Buy pair of jeans,get 1 for $10 at link is not working at the moment):
  • You will find these discount fashions in Deals, on their horizontal menu
  • Then select Plus Size from their left column menu. 
They also have a Clearance department, (left column menu bar, to the right of deals, which features the same styles I am seeing in Deals, under Plus Size anyway.

I would check this Styles for Less place often for real cut rate classics and trends!

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