Saturday, August 03, 2013

Why I’ve not posted + In Future

Why I have not Posted since 7/21/13

Last Thursday am, (7/25/13), I went to the emergency room and I believe, (granted the 25 until 7/28 are a bit of a blur to me), Friday 7/26, I had my previously mentioned here aortic aneurism operated on. I also had my aortic valve fixed! Previously I had a 2 part one, now I have a 3 part, (normal), one!

Yesterday afternoon I got out of the hospital and I am doing pretty well!

That said, if you can at all avoid heart surgery do so. It is painful and hard to recover from.

It will be a while before I am my usual energetic self. For me, this will not be easy. Well it has not been so far anyway.

My aortic aneurism and valve problem was genetic. Could not been avoided. If you can avoid it, do yourself that big favor!

The Future of this blog and its Plus Size Women’s Clothing site

This current versions of Plus Size Women’s Clothing is actually its third revision. It will expire in early September.

It has gotten too big for me and I believe I am just going to let it go.

Since it, and this blog have been mostly about bras, often large cup size bras, I think, if I can muster the energy for it, I will let this blog turn into evolve into a blog about bras, or full bust fashions.

I might even rename it…
I may keep some of the best info from the current site, bringing it over her slowly this month.

This all remains to be seen.
Kind of like when am I going to get my usual energy level back…

What do you think of this

Do you look to this post for:
  • The occasional look at new styles
  • Cheaper at eBay bra styles
  • full figure fashions at great prices
  • Great Full Bust Bras on sale with a discount 
If you look to this site for any of the above or something else I have been providing over the years, and would like me to continue, now is the time to let me know!

Just comment here to do so!

Best wishes!
Get or stay healthy and enjoy life!

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