Friday, August 16, 2013

UP to 40% Off Bras that Nearly Never Go On Sale

Bare Necessities has plenty of great deals lately, but my favorite is their Up to 40% Off during the Most Wanted Bra Sale at Select styles, ends 8.27.13.!

One of the Sale Full Figure Bras at 40% Off

Panache’s new Sculptresse line’s Pure Lace Bra is 40% Off, now $37, in all 3 of its colors! It is available in sizes 36 + 38F to H, 40DD to GG, 42D to FF, 44D to F and 46D to E!

This bra has an excellent review from a woman who considers herself Curvy and wears a size 38G.

Other Bras are at this Sale

Use that link in the 1st paragraph today and you will find 34 bra styles. This includes styles in up to K cup sizes. These Nearly Never On Sale brands, which are usually excluded from Bare Necessities’ discount, at this sale include:
  • Elomi
  • Cleo by Panache
  • Fantasie
  • Freya
  • Panache
  • Chantelle
  • Wacaol
  • Natori
  • Spanx 
 Also they have brands on sale that at least are often included in Bare Necessities’ numerous discounts such as:
  • Parfait by Affinitas
  • Felina
  • Le Mystere 
 and a few other brands I am not sure of, on sale or included in discounts, often or not wise…

I suggest you enjoy this great sale to try new styles, stock up on the ones you already enjoy, or, if possible, both!



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