Thursday, November 15, 2012

Va Bien Bras 20% Off Today, 15% Off + Free Shipping until 11/19

Her Room also has, (until 12/11/12), a $20 Gift Cert for You, that You CAN Give as a Gift, on US orders of $100 and up

Va Bien has many highly rated full figure bras, and many of them are strapless! Va Bien’s Ultra Lift Convertible Strapless bras are among Bare Necessities’ Top 12 bras of All Time actually comes in sizes 32C to I, 36B to I, 38B to H, 40B to G, 42B to F, 44B, C and D and 46B, C and D at Her Room and B and C at Bare Necessities.

Today you can click on this bra’s picture and find it, and other find Va Bien intimates, at 20% off at Her Room! This strapless bra is $46.40 today and highly rated by full figure women reviewers!

Tomorrow you can still get it at 15% off at Bare Necessities, with Free Shipping! Va Bien is one of the many qualifying brands I mentioned in the previous post of 11/13/12!

Another highly rated Va Bien style is their Ultra Lift Longline convertible Bustier. You may have seen this bustier in Fitness magazine.

This style gives you firm control at your waist, hips and tummy. It has a special support system that has earned it high ratings for years now.

Click on its picture to learn more about it in Her Room’s excellent description and enjoy it at 20% off today, or the Bare Necessities discount until the 19th, as they have this Va Bien style too!
Both Her Room and Bare Necessities have more Va Bien bra, bustier and body briefer styles!

Please Note:
While Bare Necessities does not mention this, Her Room suggests, in the their Tomima’s Tips, (Tomima Edmark is the founder of Her Room):

Regarding the Strapless styles I have looked at, such as those two above, and more feminine in styles ones as well:

Consider going up a band size and down a cup size if you are full in the midsection with these strapless bras. For instance, if you wear a 36C, consider ordering the long line style above in a 38B size, or you might want to consider getting Va Bien 104 Bra Extender, in case you would rather go with your usual size, but lack the time to wait on a possible exchange for the suggested size difference…

This sizing difference does not come in in Va Bien’s Classic Full Figure Bra # 660, (Yep! That is its name!), below. This bra comes in 38 to 44C to H, 46C to G, 48C to F, 50C to E and 52C and D. This pretty bra comes in solid black and black with red swirl embroidery accents, very dramatic, compared to this pretty look below.

It also comes in a variety of other versions, including with attached body suits and a Strapless, (in sizes up to 32 to 42DD).
The strapless style in this collection does not mention a sizing concern!

These Va Bien bra styles above have been around and gotten excellent reviews for years. If I ever get down to their size range,

I would love to try their styles and this 20% off deal is a great way to do that.

An equally great way to be ready for formal and summer gowns and dresses!

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