Thursday, November 29, 2012

20% Off Elomi, Fantasie, Goddess Bras and Intimates

Ends today

Her Room’s 20% off all Eveden intimates ends today, but it includes the above mentioned brands, Freya and other fine lingerie, which are rarely available at a discount, (except at eBay stores).

This is a fine opportunity to stock up on quality and best-selling favorites like Elomi’s Caitlyn bras and ever so comfy Hermione bras pictured below.

This bra appears smooth under tight knits, even with the pretty lace over its side support panel. Its straps are very comfy and it is available in sizes 34G to HH, 36 to 40DD to HH, 42DD to H, 44DD to GG + 46DD to FF in fawn, charcoal and its newer navy color below, at 20% off today!

About some of these Eveden Bra Brands

  • Elomi and Goddess are designed just for us full figure women! 
  • Goddess bras come in small and large band and cup sizes, 34 to 44B to N, 46B to M, 48B to L, 50B to K, 52 and 54B to H and 56B to G 
  •  Elomi bras come in a less broad range of sizes, 34 to 48D to K. They provide comfort and excellent support in beautiful bras that usually have a four section, (classic 3 section, with an additional side support panel) cups. 
  •  Fantasie bras were designed for women who are full busted, yet not necessarily full figured otherwise. They have some beautiful and supportive styles and come in B to K cup sizes up to band width 44. Their award winning Smoothing T-shirt bras below come in sizes up to 30 to 34H, 36GG, 38G and 40F in nude and black.
  • While Freya bras only comes in sizes 28 to 40C to K, they have many beautiful bras in full figure sizes, and if you like fresh styles and colors in your lingerie wardrobe, their styles are well worth browsing! This is one of their newer long line bras. It is a style that seems to be unique to Freya and I am one full figure woman who could easily imagine what this long line style might be able to do for me!

Bras, panties and other intimates by the above-mentioned and other Eveden brands are on sale at Her Room.

This sale ends today, so enjoy this relatively rare event to stock on favorites and / or try new styles while it’s on!

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