Friday, November 09, 2012

The Price is Right Urban Fashion T-shirts

I am basically a jeans and t-shirts person, for day to day, even a skirt and t shirt type for some office jobs. Having said that, I am always on the lookout for a nice, or interesting, t-shirt at a good price.

That is what I am finding today at Dr. Jays, who has a 30% off cold weather shop and a 20% off any order discount code at the top center of their pages. Dr. Jays has a wide selection of urban fashions in full figure sizes, shoes and accessories!

This Rocawear fitted T has nothing but 5 star reviews and one of those women tell us every plus size lady should have one of these. They are still available in sizes 1X, 2X and 3X, and are on sale now for $10, and that is before the 20% off discount!
I like the simplicity of this style and it goes with almost anything where you can get away with just wearing a t shirt and the bottoms of your choice, all year!

This is one of Basic Essentials’ twists on your average T shirt, purple, for $7.99, all sizes 1X to 3X. The same shirt is $8.99 in blue and $7.99 in pink!
 In case you have not guessed, I like my t-shirts under $10. I am willing to pay more, and usually have, but I gotta consider what I see for less than $15. I am used to having plenty on hand.

Dereon has some under $10 tees in full figure size, and so does Apple Bottoms, but as I have two dark brown jackets, my attention is draw to this stunning orange crew neck one, already down to sizes 1X and 2X, but also down to $18.99, before the discount!

They have this in white too, for $14.99, but as a woman who doubts her ability to keep any apparel white, and two brown jackets…

This Coogi black tee is just $14.99 in black, and $11.99 in this watermelon like color, but down to sizes 1X and 2X…I can see how it might work for me, but I kind of prefer a bit more length on a t shirt, but still…

An older Apple Bottoms Dress 

I came across this sexy Apple Bottoms clubbing dress at eBay today. If you want to find out about getter older urban wear at eBay check out our article about it here. If you want to learn about getting bras for less at eBay stores you can learn about that here.

You can go straight to this dress, while it lasts, using this New With Tags, in sizes 2X and 3X, $64.99 at Buy it Now prices at eBay stores link.

This is just a couple of pictures of it.

I am hoping to resume my weekly search of new, interesting trendy styles and old, equally unique urban fashions for us at eBay stores!

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