Monday, July 09, 2012

Two Best Selling and Popular Elomi Bras in new Navy Colors

You can find Elomi’s popular Betty plunge bras at both Her Room and Bare Necessities in its new Navy / polka dot color below!

Her Room has this style in sizes 34GG to HH, 36 to 42D to HH, 44D to G and 46D and DD. Use this Elomi Betty Bras icon link to go straight to it at Her Room.

Bare Necessities, whose link is in the right column, does not have quite that wide a range of bra sizes, but they have the panties in this new navy color in sizes M to 4X.

Sadly this is just a picture of both these beautiful bras and panties

Both Bare Necessities and Her Room have Elomi’s best selling, oh so comfy strap Hermione bras in its new solid navy color! They both have them in sizes 34G to HH, 36 to 40DD to HH, 42DD to H, 44DD to GG and 46DD to FF.
You can click on this bra’s picture to browse it at Bare Necessities.
 I might not be tired of the color navy after all!

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