Thursday, July 05, 2012

Marlies Dekkers Unique Bras and a nice Deal

To go with them
In addition, a brief look at Slightly less affordable styles at eBay stores

 If you wear bras in the 32 to 38B to F and 40D to E range Bare Necessities has six full figure Marlies Dekkers bras that come with Free Cotton Tank Tops for you to check out. The unique neckline or over bust straps of Marlies Dekkers bras are perfect with these tank tops as you can see from this picture of them together: Sorry, it is just a picture, but the tank tops come in black or white in sizes small to extra large, while supplies last…or until 7/9/12.

This black version of the above shown with tank top Dewberry color, (which Bare Necessities has too!), comes in sizes 32 to 36A to E and 38B to E. but it also has a review of this bra style, as shown above, as much an accessory as a bra. The woman, (who wears a 34D), who reviews it tells us the bra itself is awesome and so comfy she forgets she has it on!
This one above if from their whole, (34, many of which are thongs), selection of Marlies Dekkers styles.

This one is from the Marlies Dekkers bras found in Bare Necessities’ bp, (Bare Plus), section which the sizes in the 1st paragraph her refer to.
Here it is pictured with one of the Free black tank tops!

Just because I am curious, I had to check out Marlies Dekker bras at eBay

I can say for the styles above and others that Bare Necessities has currently, the prices are much the same. These are pricey bras: The ones at Bare Necessities are in the $85 to $121 range.

However, for more unique Marlies Dekker styles in even more limited sizes, but worth browsing, and for a bit less! This style whose cup, (note the signature Marlies Dekker over bust strap draped above the cup), is available in sizes 36A and B and 32B.

Here is another unique print bra style also for $80, at Buy it Now prices, both with Free Shipping and New With Tags at eBay stores today!

Just use this New With Tags Marlies Dekker Bras at eBay stores link to browse what is on available when you are reading this. Who know what sizes and styles will show up at what prices!

Actually there are currently several other uniquely printed with original over bust, (or perhaps neckline?), straps you will find at that link today, some for $70!

The Bare Necessities offer is excellent though. The shipping will be free, because they give free shipping on orders of $70 and the cotton tank tops are a $45 value.
My tanks and Tees are quite often of the cheaper variety…

If I can get down to a smaller size
Or If Marlies Dekker eventually makes larger bras
I plan to try them!
Perhaps we will meet in the middle!

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