Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cooling, Beautiful Space Bras

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Bare Necessities recommends Space Bras for helping us take the heat of summer!

Spacer Bras provide modesty and airflow with their breathable, lightweight foam contour cups. The cups of these bras are constructed in layers that allow air to pass through. This helps keep you cool in the warmer weather!

Bare Necessities’ best sellers of this style begin with Elomi’s Hermione full figure and large cup size bras, which now come in charcoal, fawn and a new navy color! I wear these bras and if you are full busted, you really should try them if for no other reason, the COMFY STRAPS!!

Some other Spacer Bras Bare Necessities also recommends these pretty Fantasie bras. They have 4, mixed reviews at Her Room and five 5 star reviews at Bare Necessities below! They come in sizes 30 to 36DD to GG, 38DD to G and 40DD to F.
They also recommend what appear to be the spacer bra version of Chantelle’s C Chic bras!

Not among the 21 spacer bras Bare Necessities suggests

 This, and another Chantelle bra I wrote about here, are the first spacer bras I think I ever saw.

The more standard looking spacer / T-shirt bra that article looks at is still available in stores, for $80. I had to look and found: Today, using this Chantelle 3951 bras, New With Tags at eBay stores link, I am finding them in a variety of sizes, at Buy it Now, not bid, prices, starting at $23!

I did not find this bra below with the unique strap seems to be out of stock everywhere, including eBay stores, Except Bigger Bras. They have it, in nude, in size 34E and say they can back-order it, in black, white and nude, in all sizes 32 to 40B, C and D and 32 to 38E.
 Chantelle Space Bra T-Shirt 3956 at BiggerBras.com
 I suggest ordering from eBay stores if you are especially confident about your size in the bra you are shopping.

I did that for over a year, with great success! Since I have been working out, I do not really know my bra size.
This means I will be sticking to stores until I do!

Here is a discount code we can use at Bare Necessities, until 1/15/13! Enjoy 10% Off with code EBTS10 at BareNecessities.com. Now hopefully this will make trying new bras, spacer ones or not, much easier!

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