Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Great Deals on Lytess Leggings and other Lytess shapers

If you know you like Lytess leggings and / or shapers, Figleaves is having a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE on all their Lytess styles!

They have leggings, capri, shorts, fat burning and sculpting high-waist briefs and fat burning and sculpting belts.

Click on these, oh so comfy, (I know, I wear them), leggings to get the saving code and see all Figleaves Lytess styles!

Currently Bare Necessities is having a 25% off discount. While many brands are excluded, Lytess is not excluded!

Click on these, up to size 4X, Slimming Shapewear Belt Brief and you will see their discount code across the top of their page.

  • Scroll Down to the bottom of the page
  • Look to your left under 
  • More Styles From Lytess
And you will see a link to all 17 of the Lytess styles Bare Necessities carries!

Be aware. While the stretch of their leggings is very forgiving, their bras stretch is not. They are sized quite small. I do not know about their belts, panties, tank tops and anti cellulite sleeves. Have tried their bras and doubt if you are in any way full figure in your bust area that they will fit.

If I am wrong about that, please comment about that here. I so hope they have a bras size and style out there that will fit me!

MY usual source of Lytess leggings is Buy It Now, New With Tags Lytess at eBay stores.

Today they have 32 styles starting at $32 for the Slimming Shaping, Push Up Panties in size L / XL, and

  • $69 for the leggings I am wild about, in size S/M, L/XL and 3XL
Those same leggings are
  • $83 at Figleaves and 
  • $70 at Bare Necessities before their current discount.
  • Sometimes eBay store prices are exceptionally better, sometimes just OK

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