Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bare Necessities For Your Curves section

And its Free shipping code!

Bare Necessities has a BP tab on their page. If you are already on a BP page, you can click on the words Bare Plus on the upper left side of their pages and you will find their New Exclusively for Your Curves home page!

This new section features 81 designer brands, 1000 sexy styles, full figure bras in band sizes 38 to 56 and cup sizes A to N! They also have sexy lingerie, shapewear, clothing and accessories!

You will also find a free shipping code across the tops of the Bare Plus section's pages good for today and tomorrow!

They have a variety of Sexy Lingerie including many bra styles, bustier and more!
These, and several other, Marlies Dekkers full figure bras are among them, and many of those styles are unique, like this one!

Not this particular style, but similar ones come in sizes up to 40E! A matching thong style is available too!

I found this sale style shopping by brand:
50% Off, only size 24W, (53”-46”-54”), left Shape fx cap sleeve dress

You can shop by bra size and even nicer,
If you shop by brand
  • You will notice a series of sizes in the left column
  • Using those you can narrow down the brand of you choice by size!

I cannot do this justice here, you just have to browse Bare Necessities’ new Bare Plus section. They did an excellent job with it and its worth browsing!

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