Monday, May 23, 2011

Thank You Dumpy Duchess!

Thank you Dumpy Duchess, though I do not find you at all ‘Dumpy’ for the nice comment on our Kiyonna for Less, and made modest with Full Figure Cami Bras, for Less post!

She liked the heads up on deals, and I am sure you all will like her Economical Elegance for the Dumpy Duchess blog!

The Duchess’ blog is elegantly shows excellent full figure outfits at affordable prices!

She also dose the One thing I wish most of stores whose discounts and sales I posted here earlier today do would do. The Duchess, like Igigi, Kiyonna and the urban fashion stores I follow, shows styles on a real full figure women! This is quite possibly, herself!

Perhaps some day I could do that. I rather doubt it will be anytime soon. My daughter just recently got an i-pad. She has taken to videoing us folks at home.

Lets put it this way: at least in terms of me, video could come with a warning:
“Persons, (that means you Anne), appear much older in video”

I knew our bathroom mirror was forgiving. Now I know just how much!

Checkout the In No Way Dumpy Duchess’ blog at it’s link above for just what it says, Elegant Economical! She has a beautiful, stylish blog.
Well Done Duchess!

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