Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Mistake! Re: Baby Phat Stretch Jeans being Back

Just earlier today I was thrilled to find Baby Phat Stretch Jeans were back, and shared that with you.

Then it occurred to me that, I was thinking of their Knit Jeans, which are not back in plus sizes at the moment. It is true, I am wearing mine, but then all my Baby Phat jeans apparently have some spandex in them. This is probably why:.
  • They fit and feel so good
  • I can do anything in my Baby Phat jeans

Just browsing through, it appears most, if not all, (I do not really have the time to check them all out), of their plus size jeans have some spandex in them, so they are all “Stretch Jeans”

Click on these Pistachio Belted capri to see their newer plus size jean styles,
and click on these cargo pants, from their Crush collection, to check out Baby Phat’s sale pants and jeans!

So the stretch jeans were always there, at Baby Phat, and the Knit jeans I was thinking of, as stretch, (well they do stretch too!), are not available in full figure sizes.

Maybe later?

Sorry about that.

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